A Mothers Love

Do you know the power of a mothers love?  It ignites the natural elements of love with a warmth so tender.  It exudes freedom and safety.  Its elegant and nurturing and beautiful.  It tells a story not always from beginning to end giving you the structure of your truth.

A mother's love is indescribable by words.  Its a feeling that all girls should have.  A mothers love makes you feel wanted, needed, caressed, desired and embraced in the most magical form of everything that you believe to be good.  Its an art that like a diamond grows stronger under pressure.  It is the first time a girl knows what her heart feels like.  It is the measured moments of value that tell a girl what she is worth.

A mothers love is one that doesn't as a result of simply being a mother.  It begins with a women who was once a girl, always a lady in her truest form of defining who she is.  A mothers love is the strongest when it comes from a heart that has journeyed through life's roller coaster, scary & fun.  A mothers love is created by the strongest woman who endures her pain with courage to seek her solutions. Happiness is her starting point for all things she does.  A mothers love ages with time and continues to mold her mini spirits into adults.  Like a lion protecting her Her struggles become her life's lessons that instruct her how to love her own greater.
A mothers love is refined, creative, colorful, vintage, antique, spicy and world changing.

I'd give anything to have it and promised to be EVERYTHING to give it.  I am blessed to know what the gratitude of a child feels like when they have consistently received a mothers love.  I am not my past, I AM my future!

All the best,

P.S.  I decided Im ready grab a mic again and be in the company of souls that embrace the spoken word.  Here's what I have so far:

Ive learned. Ive taught. Ive talked. Ive listened. Ive prayed.
Ive tried. Ive prayed. Ive tried.
I am comfortable with the spirit in my soul that whispers softly, "You are whole. You are loved.  Walk into the light & look away from the darkness.  I can not love another greater without first loving me.  And so, like a butterfly, I must ......set you free!
Original words by @AllisonSmiles 

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