Celebrate Women

 Every woman has a story!  Each day while we travel diverse paths, we come together, often not at the same time but virtually together sharing moments via pictures, quotes, stories, questions and more. As we grow we must share those stories as our ancestors once shared, creating lessons and legends of a lifetime. We must extinguish the things that have caused havoc in communities.  We must build our communities in truth and experience.  

Célébrer les femmes!

The beauty of growing in business as a person, a woman, a mother - -is working with other women to build fortresses. Imagine if we began trusting one another enough to share our truths.  Can you visualize masses of women gathering together to celebrate one another?

Celebrar a las mujeres!

We must share our gifts to progress ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our world.  Nurturing, sharing, growing, AND healing are our timeless gifts with infinite value!  IF, and only if, we collectively agree to honor self with love, respect, dignity, and encouragement.  Then and only then will we heal self, restore strength and straighten our struts

We are powerful beings. Imagine our power if we united to support one another, to design our destinies and reinvent the structure and character of a woman.  WE have allowed electronics to enable a virtual world to come alive.  Perhaps we can use this medium to demonstrate our best, after all our best IS as good as it gets.  


Through life's challenges it’s often the quiet whispers (these days’ virtual whispers) that are heard well.  I enjoy reading about your triumphs, your challenges, your success & your fears.  I can ALWAYS count on your blogs, your shared stories, your tweets and support to enlighten ME with new information, with love.  For that, for you...I extend my sincere gratitude.  


A Mothers Love

Do you know the power of a mothers love?  It ignites the natural elements of love with a warmth so tender.  It exudes freedom and safety.  Its elegant and nurturing and beautiful.  It tells a story not always from beginning to end giving you the structure of your truth.

A mother's love is indescribable by words.  Its a feeling that all girls should have.  A mothers love makes you feel wanted, needed, caressed, desired and embraced in the most magical form of everything that you believe to be good.  Its an art that like a diamond grows stronger under pressure.  It is the first time a girl knows what her heart feels like.  It is the measured moments of value that tell a girl what she is worth.

A mothers love is one that doesn't as a result of simply being a mother.  It begins with a women who was once a girl, always a lady in her truest form of defining who she is.  A mothers love is the strongest when it comes from a heart that has journeyed through life's roller coaster, scary & fun.  A mothers love is created by the strongest woman who endures her pain with courage to seek her solutions. Happiness is her starting point for all things she does.  A mothers love ages with time and continues to mold her mini spirits into adults.  Like a lion protecting her Her struggles become her life's lessons that instruct her how to love her own greater.
A mothers love is refined, creative, colorful, vintage, antique, spicy and world changing.

I'd give anything to have it and promised to be EVERYTHING to give it.  I am blessed to know what the gratitude of a child feels like when they have consistently received a mothers love.  I am not my past, I AM my future!

All the best,

P.S.  I decided Im ready grab a mic again and be in the company of souls that embrace the spoken word.  Here's what I have so far:

Ive learned. Ive taught. Ive talked. Ive listened. Ive prayed.
Ive tried. Ive prayed. Ive tried.
I am comfortable with the spirit in my soul that whispers softly, "You are whole. You are loved.  Walk into the light & look away from the darkness.  I can not love another greater without first loving me.  And so, like a butterfly, I must ......set you free!
Original words by @AllisonSmiles 


Can I Hear Me?

I  read an amazing article today about Fake Disagreements.  Erika Andersen, Forbes Contributor shared her unique experience with miscommunication.  The fake disagreement is not a disagreement.  In fact it is a simple misunderstanding of two people agreeing.  Of course that didnt make sense to you which is why you should read her article here (thank me later).
"You have revealed my million dollar secret", I commented.

However I am happy to share it with the world if they promise to use it.  The art of communication is not difficult.  Trust me, I grew up with a mother who forced me to read the dictionary and recite daily linguistic exercises.  I can still hear me now, "Linguistic precocity is a monstrosity let us all...

I was designed to be a lover of communication from birth and I AM!  I am not a "horn tooter" but my audience often responds with where can I find your book, where are you teaching or how can I learn more?  Rarely do they know that I just realized my level of expertise as I thought all young children had to discover new words, learn the origin of words and multiple languages before kindergarten (thanks parents)!

One of my favorite coaching experiences is teaching others how to hear their own voice.  That is often where the miscommunication begins.  If I you are not willing to listen to you, why should anyone else? Once I found my voice, I fell in love with communication all over again.    Until I learned my voice I refused to publish.  I wanted to find the solution before I could share the problem.  Mind you I had learned how to speak, when to speak, how to speak effectively -but no one can teach you how to hear your voice.

Once I stopped being afraid to listen to me, the words poured out and the message was clear.  My passion related well with my purpose and here I am! Besides as I quickly approach my "over the hill" birthday I want to make sure I dont waste time with fake disagreements or any disagreements for that matter.  Life is far too precious dont you agree?

Wishing you the a Magical Monday fueled with knowledge that motivates growth and exudes love!

Be well,


Is Anyone Listening?

I think daily there are things that I want to blog about ...and dont.  I want to share my feelings, my challenges and my successes.  I believe that we ALL have much to learn from one another.  I believe that we have forgotten the value of another person's journey.

Im excited to have shared my journey with a diverse culture of humans varying in income, education, age and religion. I aspire to engage people across the world.  However the one common thing that I found was PEOPLE hesitate to share what they think others won't listen to.

Did that make sense to you? For example, we often hear Tyler Perry's story of homelessness.  Steve Harvey openly shares that he was living in his car.  Iyanla Vanzant won't pause to tell you where she came from!  We listen now - -but would we if they were not in the public eye?

Our world has gotten so fast, so fixed and so famed. Instead I dream of a day when we have advanced as humans and can receive one another completely.  There will be less focus on judging others, excluding others or being just plain ole mean.  WE will focus on smiling, be grateful and supporting one another.

Imagine if five years from now you discovered that you could have gone farther faster simply by slowing down.  May we open our eyes to what is before us  - this moments are valuable & precious.  May we open our hearts to those we love & total strangers - LOVE is a universal language.

Oh and one more thing.   I dont care how many times you see someone on television, how much money, cars or houses they have  -LIFE does not discriminate.  WE all encounter much - -the defining moment is best captured in the heart of life's greatest challenge.  I've decided to share my defining moments with the world as it happens - -

Dear world: I am not perfect. I am a work in progress.  I want more.  I want better - not just for me ...for all people.  I genuinely believe that WE can create peace on earth AND I want to be a part of that.  I welcome you to be a part of my journey.  I am excited to be a part of yours.

Be well. Be U. Be LOVE. 


The Art of Communication

Communication:  the art of designing a message and delivering it to someone that receives it & reciprocates! AMAZING! Communication is actually the "Old School" social media.   I am a lover of all things communication, therefore, a lover of social media.  There used to be a great effort and expense to get to people, to find like minded spirits, to create your circle by choice NOT circumstance.....to communicate.

Do you remember when PR meant you were sending out 1000 letters and going to the post office?  Can you remember communication before email?  Connecting with someone meant you had to work for it.  Having an "A-List Clientele" meant you were surrounding by the same: hard workers!

Lets jump forward to today!  Instead of the time that it takes to read multiple books because your brain craves knowledge- there is Google.  Instead of multiple letters with stamps (they are located at the post office) to addresses found in the yellow pages, there is Twitter!  Twitter is this magnificent platform where anyone can reach ANYONE!

For a long time, I hesitated and then I tried it! My knowledge craving brain is excited to ask question, confer with great minds, and get priceless business information.  I CAN encourage others, empower others, if nothing else I can demonstrate my smile in 140 characters.  Choice is fascinating!  People who want to hear what I say can stay for a moment, a minute, or a lifetime.  It is a space in which I am free to COMMUNICATE with elegance, grace, knowledge, and a SMILE!

I ensure you I understand the now, the then and all in between.  I dont know who to ask these questions I have and my mind, my soul, my spirit won't let it go!  Can you help me?  WE have a beautiful canvas on which we can share the best of the best, changing the world at best, improving ourselves either way! WHY have we forgotten the rules of communication?  Am I antiquated in the thought that with the "ease" of communication it should be easier to maintain our manners?

Call me old but you can tell me you dont like me and say it with a smile...whats the harm?  Let us settle our challenges no matter what they are and share the solutions.  Share the journey, im listening, but only if you have the courage to share the real version not the the reality tv version.  We have a duty as humans no matter the year.  We have a duty to give our best, try our best, and share our best.  The faster you join this circle, the bigger it will be, the greater we will have...and the world will change.   Be well Be U!