Can I Hear Me?

I  read an amazing article today about Fake Disagreements.  Erika Andersen, Forbes Contributor shared her unique experience with miscommunication.  The fake disagreement is not a disagreement.  In fact it is a simple misunderstanding of two people agreeing.  Of course that didnt make sense to you which is why you should read her article here (thank me later).
"You have revealed my million dollar secret", I commented.

However I am happy to share it with the world if they promise to use it.  The art of communication is not difficult.  Trust me, I grew up with a mother who forced me to read the dictionary and recite daily linguistic exercises.  I can still hear me now, "Linguistic precocity is a monstrosity let us all...

I was designed to be a lover of communication from birth and I AM!  I am not a "horn tooter" but my audience often responds with where can I find your book, where are you teaching or how can I learn more?  Rarely do they know that I just realized my level of expertise as I thought all young children had to discover new words, learn the origin of words and multiple languages before kindergarten (thanks parents)!

One of my favorite coaching experiences is teaching others how to hear their own voice.  That is often where the miscommunication begins.  If I you are not willing to listen to you, why should anyone else? Once I found my voice, I fell in love with communication all over again.    Until I learned my voice I refused to publish.  I wanted to find the solution before I could share the problem.  Mind you I had learned how to speak, when to speak, how to speak effectively -but no one can teach you how to hear your voice.

Once I stopped being afraid to listen to me, the words poured out and the message was clear.  My passion related well with my purpose and here I am! Besides as I quickly approach my "over the hill" birthday I want to make sure I dont waste time with fake disagreements or any disagreements for that matter.  Life is far too precious dont you agree?

Wishing you the a Magical Monday fueled with knowledge that motivates growth and exudes love!

Be well,

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