The Art of Communication

Communication:  the art of designing a message and delivering it to someone that receives it & reciprocates! AMAZING! Communication is actually the "Old School" social media.   I am a lover of all things communication, therefore, a lover of social media.  There used to be a great effort and expense to get to people, to find like minded spirits, to create your circle by choice NOT circumstance.....to communicate.

Do you remember when PR meant you were sending out 1000 letters and going to the post office?  Can you remember communication before email?  Connecting with someone meant you had to work for it.  Having an "A-List Clientele" meant you were surrounding by the same: hard workers!

Lets jump forward to today!  Instead of the time that it takes to read multiple books because your brain craves knowledge- there is Google.  Instead of multiple letters with stamps (they are located at the post office) to addresses found in the yellow pages, there is Twitter!  Twitter is this magnificent platform where anyone can reach ANYONE!

For a long time, I hesitated and then I tried it! My knowledge craving brain is excited to ask question, confer with great minds, and get priceless business information.  I CAN encourage others, empower others, if nothing else I can demonstrate my smile in 140 characters.  Choice is fascinating!  People who want to hear what I say can stay for a moment, a minute, or a lifetime.  It is a space in which I am free to COMMUNICATE with elegance, grace, knowledge, and a SMILE!

I ensure you I understand the now, the then and all in between.  I dont know who to ask these questions I have and my mind, my soul, my spirit won't let it go!  Can you help me?  WE have a beautiful canvas on which we can share the best of the best, changing the world at best, improving ourselves either way! WHY have we forgotten the rules of communication?  Am I antiquated in the thought that with the "ease" of communication it should be easier to maintain our manners?

Call me old but you can tell me you dont like me and say it with a smile...whats the harm?  Let us settle our challenges no matter what they are and share the solutions.  Share the journey, im listening, but only if you have the courage to share the real version not the the reality tv version.  We have a duty as humans no matter the year.  We have a duty to give our best, try our best, and share our best.  The faster you join this circle, the bigger it will be, the greater we will have...and the world will change.   Be well Be U!

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