Is Anyone Listening?

I think daily there are things that I want to blog about ...and dont.  I want to share my feelings, my challenges and my successes.  I believe that we ALL have much to learn from one another.  I believe that we have forgotten the value of another person's journey.

Im excited to have shared my journey with a diverse culture of humans varying in income, education, age and religion. I aspire to engage people across the world.  However the one common thing that I found was PEOPLE hesitate to share what they think others won't listen to.

Did that make sense to you? For example, we often hear Tyler Perry's story of homelessness.  Steve Harvey openly shares that he was living in his car.  Iyanla Vanzant won't pause to tell you where she came from!  We listen now - -but would we if they were not in the public eye?

Our world has gotten so fast, so fixed and so famed. Instead I dream of a day when we have advanced as humans and can receive one another completely.  There will be less focus on judging others, excluding others or being just plain ole mean.  WE will focus on smiling, be grateful and supporting one another.

Imagine if five years from now you discovered that you could have gone farther faster simply by slowing down.  May we open our eyes to what is before us  - this moments are valuable & precious.  May we open our hearts to those we love & total strangers - LOVE is a universal language.

Oh and one more thing.   I dont care how many times you see someone on television, how much money, cars or houses they have  -LIFE does not discriminate.  WE all encounter much - -the defining moment is best captured in the heart of life's greatest challenge.  I've decided to share my defining moments with the world as it happens - -

Dear world: I am not perfect. I am a work in progress.  I want more.  I want better - not just for me ...for all people.  I genuinely believe that WE can create peace on earth AND I want to be a part of that.  I welcome you to be a part of my journey.  I am excited to be a part of yours.

Be well. Be U. Be LOVE. 

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